Appl Ex 8s

Application Exercise 8s: Technology and the trade in services – Following the sun

  1. Identify two possible economic benefits for a company being able to ‘follow the sun’ in service delivery.
    • Workers in any one location only work a standard working day – and therefore don’t need to be paid penalty rates.
    • Projects can continue to be worked on constantly, improving productivity
    • Customers can receive customer service 24/7 – improving customer retention through improved customer satisfaction and utility
  1. Outline two possible economic risks or costs for companies choosing to use the ‘follow the sun’ approach to delivering customer service.
    • Technology could fail at one location, leading to a loss of service across the whole company
    • The cost of installing substantial technology, and training staff to use it efficiently
  1. Outline how technology has allowed companies to ‘follow the sun’.

Technological advancements of integrated customer management systems, and improved internet access, has enabled companies to globally integrate their customer service and project management. For example, integrated customer management systems allow any worker in the organisation to access the same system and details regardless of location.