Appl Ex 1b

Application Exercise 1b





1.  Jane earns $100 from her employer, 7-Eleven




2. Dylan, a council employee, prunes roses in the local park




3.  Brittany buys a new car from Kia




4.  Ming sends a text to his girlfriend




5.  Tian  receives tutoring from a 1st year university student




6.  A farmer harvests her crop of apples




7.  Jane signs up to a Spotify subscription




8.  Bazil downloads an Economics App from  iTunes




9.  Anita calls her mother using her mobile phone




10. Zaynab buys a pie from the canteen




Note that it can be argued that each of the transactions represents production, income and expenditure, which is of course to be expected given that over time production equals income and expenditure. The highlighted boxes above represent an attempt to show which of the three is the most obvious for each transaction.